We give homework supplies

Why do we call them "homework supplies" and not school supplies? Because even the schools in the less privileged areas do manage to have supplies in the classroom for the students to do their work. It's when they get home that the kids really struggle. Many of the elementary school students that Rainbow Pack helps live below the poverty level. Most of the basic items that we take for granted every day are out of reach for these young students. Simple supplies, like a pencil or paper can make the difference between doing your homework and failing. 

By giving every student from Pre-Kindergarten - 5th grade a backpack full of homework supplies we let them know that know they can be the kind of student that the want to be. 

From the feedback we have received over the years we have learned that for many of these young students we are not just giving them supplies they might otherwise not have. For some of these students this is the first time they have been able to pick out something just for themselves that is brand new and not a hand-me-down.  For many it helps them to fit in because they have the same backpacks and supplies as everyone else.  For a few, it is more than just a backpack, for the kids who don't have a home or live in a home with many family members this little backpack might be the only safe place they have to keep the things that are important to them.