Current Goal: Rainbow Pack year 8  

 2018/2019 school year       

This year our goal is to give out 10,000 Rainbow Packs to kids in need at our back to school pep rally events the first week of school 2018.

Not only do these events  help all the students start the year off excited about school and ready to learn, they also help to bring the community, schools and kids closer together as they start a new school year. Please help us to help as many schools as we can this coming fall. Schools are selected based on need and number of students enrolled in the school. The names of the schools that are selected are not announced until we start to fund raise for the specific school or we have secured funding for the Rainbow Packs for each school.


Giving History

Rainbow Pack year 7 - 2017/2018 school year       

For the 2017/18 school year our goal was to give 10,000 Rainbow Packs to kids in need at our back to school pep rally events the first week of school 2017. We didn't make it to our goal. BUT, it was our biggest year to date and we were able to give out over 6,200 Rainbow Packs at 8 elementary schools. This brings the total number of Rainbow Packs that have been distributed to date to over 20,000!                                                                     The schools that we were fortunate enough to visit  this year were: Haddon STEAM Academy, Telfair Elementary, Pacoima Charter, Sarah Coughlin Elementary, Rosa Parks Learning Center, Canoga Park Elementary, Vinedale Elementary and Dayton Heights Elementary. All "extra" supplies that we had after the events were donated to the Foster Children's Resource Center and the LAUSD homeless school division.

Rainbow Pack year 6  - 2016/2017 school year       

For the 2016/17 school year our goal was to help at least 5 entire schools and give at least 5,000 Rainbow Packs. WE DID IT ! In august and September we held 5 back to school pep rally events and gave 5,000 students a great start to the school year. The schools that we were fortunate enough to visit  this year were: Haddon STEAM Academy, Telfair Elementary, Pacoima Charter, Sarah Coughlin Elementary and Wadsworth Elementary. And, for the first time we had a school request a mid-year event, so in January we will be visiting Vinedale Elementary School.


Rainbow Pack Year 5: The 2015/2016 School Year

On August 5th and 6th of 2015  Rainbow Pack held back to school events at 4 elementary schools! Haddon Ave., Rosa Parks, Langdon and Roscoe Elementary. We were able to give every student at all four schools (including the special education and PreK programs) Rainbow Packs. 

As of Dec. 2015 Rainbow Pack has given out just over 9,500 Rainbow Packs to elementary school kids in need.


Rainbow Pack Year 4: The 2014/2015 School Year

Aug 9th of 2014 we held the Rainbow Pack back to school event at Haddon Ave. Elementary School in Pacoima, CA. While we didn't meet our goal of giving out 4,000 Rainbow Packs in 2014, we were able to give out over 2,300 Rainbow Packs.

The event was a huge success and we had amazing support for the whole community. Three schools in the area were invited to attend. All of the school have most of the population living below the poverty line. Each family was invited to attend a presentation about the importance of attending school everyday and doing homework every day. After the presentation the families were able to get a Rainbow Pack for each child and visit all the other booths we had at the event.

We even had a firetruck and police cars for the kids to play in! The officers and fire fighters had a great time taking pictures with the kids. The local Library was at the event to help kids get Library card and tell them about al the free events and activities the local Library has to offer. We also had a Girl Scout who was earning her Gold Award collect and then distribute free books to the kids at the event and there were lots of other great local services at the event to share all the information they could with the families.

It was great to see the community rally around it's youngest learners. We are so proud to have been able to organize this amazing community event!


Rainbow Pack Year 3: The 2013/2014 School Year

Last year, our third year, we doubled our goal again by committing to help two entire schools. Once again, we met our goal and delivered Rainbow Packs to every student at Haddon Ave. and Strathern Street elementary schools, over 2,000 Rainbow Packs. 

We also make sure that each school has Rainbow Packs on hand for new students who enroll mid-year. In talking with the social worker at the schools, we have heard that this simple gesture goes a long way in easing a student into there new school. 

2013 - This year we were also able to give Rainbow Packs to Five Acres - The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of Los Angeles County and to MICOP - Mixteco/Indigena Community Organization Project. Aiding and empowering Indigenous Oaxacan immigrants in Ventura County.


Rainbow Pack Year 2: The 2012/2013 School Year

The second year we set an even bigger goal. We wanted to give a new backpack to EVERY student at Haddon, K-5, That’s 1,000 backpacks full of the supplies so that every student could have the necessary supplies they need to do their homework.

Guess what? We did it!!!

One the first day of the 2012/2013 school year, every student at Haddon Ave. Elementary school received a new backpack full supplies. Every student Kindergarten – Fifth grade and the Special Ed program.


Rainbow Pack Year 1: The 2011/2012 School Year

Our first year we started with what seemed like a huge goal. That goal was to get a new backpack, fill it with school supplies and give one to every kindergarten student starting the 2011/2012 school year at Haddon Avenue Elementary School. This would be a total of 180 students.

With the help of amazingly generous friends and family we not only accomplished our goal, we more than doubled it. We filled 360 backpacks with crayons, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, folders, and more.

On their first day of school at Haddon, not only did every kindergarten student have a new backpack full of supplies, so did every first grade student. We were also able to give every teacher classroom and art supplies.