Our Founder: Riley Joy Gantt

Riley started Rainbow Pack when she was 10 years old with the mission to deliver a backpack filled with the necessary homework supplies to every student that needs them, so he/she can be ready to learn on the first day of school.

The idea for Rainbow Pack was born when her school class was visiting the students at Haddon Ave. Elementary School. She was shocked to hear a kindergarten girl say that she wanted a box of the “skinny crayons” but her mom said she couldn’t afford them. She then learned from talking with the schools social worker that this problem was much bigger than just crayons. Many of the kids couldn’t do their homework because they didn’t have crayons or pencils at home. That day she not only realized how lucky she was to never have worried about needing school supplies, she also realized she wanted to try and do something about it. She went home and asked her mom how she could help get crayons and pencils and other needed supplies to these kids. This was the spark for Rainbow Pack to be born.

Since that day Riley has learned that there are thousands of students that have the most important thing, a desire to learn. What they lack are the basic school supplies to start down the right path as good learners and students.

In the last eight years Rainbow Pack has given out over 23,000 Rainbow Packs (over 575,712 individual supplies)  to elementary school students in need.

As of August 2018 Riley will be attending Wellesley College.