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Why did you close Rainbow Pack? 

Why are you called Rainbow Pack? 

The name refers to the wide variety of backpacks and supplies that we provide for the students. Variety and choice are important in giving the students a feeling of control they don’t often experience. Additionally the name refers to the many individuals that make up the organization itself.  Lastly, Riley named the organization when she was 10, and rainbows are awesome!

How does Rainbow Pack choose which schools it helps?

Rainbow Pack works closely with the  LA City Councilmembers office, an LAUSD board member, school principals, social worker, administrators and teachers. Along with the LA School Police and Friends of Safe Schools to choose the schools with the highest need in Los Angeles. 

Can Rainbow Pack help my school or organization? 

There are many factors that go into deciding who and when we can help. The main thing being if we have backpacks and supplies available when we receive the request. Also, if we have already made commitments, we have to fill those first.

When we can, we do. 2015 was the first year that we had some individual requests from a few local families and we had a great time being able to help in such a personal way. But since our goal is to help as many people as we can, it is not practical for us to deliver backpacks one at a time to too many individuals. You can always contact us with your request and we will look at each one and respond as quickly as we can.

Does Rainbow Pack help individuals?

What do mean when you say "extra" supplies and backpacks?





Planning the Rainbow Pack events is not easy task. Once we identify a school that we would like to work with, the first thing that we do is to ask them for their current student enrollment numbers and if they think those numbers may increase or decrease in the coming school year. Given that most of the high needs schools have a lot of change in enrollment during the school year this is often a hard thing to predict. So Rainbow Pack adjusts the numbers we are given so that we can make sure that we won't run out of anything on the first day of school. Because of this we usually have a little "extra". We leave some of the "extra" with the schools for new students who might come during the year and we take the rest. What we are left with is not enough to do an entire school, so we do our best to make sure that the backpacks and homework supplies get to the kids who need it the most. We have found this is better than letting the items sit in a storage unit for an entire year. 

YES! After Rainbow Pack Riley's favorite thing to do is come speak to people. To find out more or schedule a speaking date please use the contact form HERE.




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