2017 Impact Report

  For the last several years, mid way through the school year, we ask all the schools who have received Rainbow Packs to participate in a survey. We do this so that we can get honest feedback about what we do and to make sure that we are actually doing what we think we are. 

       Our goal is to make sure that all the students who receive a Rainbow Pack have the basic supplies they need to do their homework and keep up in school. But over the last few years we have learned that this simple backpack, filled with the most basic supplies, gives so much more than we ever thought it could.

       Through this survey we have learned that we do in fact help students be able to complete their homework. We help the teachers save money, by not buying these supplies with their own hard earned dollars. We help families, who are working so hard to give their children a better life, have a tiny bit of relief. We have brought school communities together to support each other and their school and the greater community together to help support the future. 

We couldn't do this without your support. 
Please enjoy the results.